On the tennis court, Rafael Nadal has conquered countless hearts with his unparalleled strength and passion. In the world of watches, Richard Mille has become a leading figure in Swiss watchmaking with exquisite craftsmanship and innovative design. The collaboration between these two legendary figures in their respective fields has created a miraculous interpretation.

Rafael Nadal has consistently created miracles on the tennis court with his relentless effort and unparalleled perseverance. In collaboration with Richard Mille, a watch named RM 27-04 was born. This watch, known for its lightweight, powerful performance, and durable features, perfectly embodies Nadal's courageous spirit on the court.


The design of the RM 27-04 watch incorporates Nadal's personal characteristics while maintaining Richard Mille's consistent high-end fashion. The skeletonized dial design is not only aesthetically unique but also highlights the complex beauty of the watch's internal mechanical structure. This harmonious resonance of fashion and functionality makes this watch an indispensable piece of art and a practical tool.

However, such an exquisite timepiece also requires careful care. With Nadal's intense competition on the court, the watch may be exposed to various risks such as collisions and scratches. In this case, a watch protection film becomes an indispensable presence.

Finewatchcare (FWC), a watch protection film brand, has been deeply involved in this field for many years, dedicated to researching a film that can effectively protect watches. Currently, FWC watch protection film can achieve 24-hour self-healing for minor scratches, effectively preventing UV rays, and even after long periods, removing the protective film will not cause any damage to the watch surface. FWC watch protection film not only effectively prevents the watch surface from being scratched but also resists stains and UV rays, keeping the watch's appearance clear. On high-performance watches like the RM 27-04, the watch protection film acts like a sturdy armor, providing additional security.

The story of Rafael Nadal and Richard Mille is not only a miracle of strength and excellence but also a perfect intersection of fashion and functionality. This story's extension also includes the indispensable supporting role of the watch protection film. In this stage of perfect intersection, each miracle of Nadal's strength and beauty requires the harmonious combination of watches and watch protection films to unleash the brightest brilliance.